2017 4x4 Pink Run was held on 28th of October by our 4x4 Pink Run association to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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What did we raffle off ?  

Check out these amazing prizes we raffled off for breast cancer



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4X4 Pink run for breast cancer is the evolution of a simple idea of one of our groups ex admins many years ago when she thought it would be good to show what 4x4ers can do for breast cancer. What started as an idea to pink up some 4x4ers and have a casual beach run, and grown over the years to be one of the most anticipated fundraisers of the year.

2014 we saw the event grow to over 400 4x4s and thousands of people all decked out in pink, coming together to raise money for breast cancer. They came from as far south as Melbourne and as far north as Cairns, bought raffle tickets and won some great prizes and shared in this awesome day. A huge leap forward in attendees, supporters, donations and total funds raised for the national breast cancer foundation - a total well over $20000 - not bad for a few 4x4ers on a beach. 

2015 blew us all out of the water, thousands of people, great lay out and amazing admins, sponsors and supporters pulled of the best 4x4 pink run yet. At the end of it all we did $30000, a huge pat on the back for every one involved. 

2016 and can it get any better? Well yes ! A total of $48485 raised for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and we are all very proud and grateful for the beautiful people who helped us get there, and not to mention the hundreds of supporting businesses - check out the pic above.

How does it work? We have tables and tables of prizes, all donated from amazing caring businesses, over the years they have ranged from a winch from opposite lock Toowoomba, Oz pigs, kayaks and so much more, even a fridge from Kustom Stickers Qld all the way to drink coolers from local clubs and key rings and stickers and hundreds of things in between. At $10 per ticket, the pink peeps line up to make a difference and win. Big or small the prizes all came together to form an amazing smorgasbord for winners to choose. Tables of amazing prizes you had to see to believe. Each ticket is called out and the winner choses their prize what ever they like! Its so much fun, and all for a great cause.

Admins and helpers put on this event for charity, the event is properly registered reciepted and insured and is open to all Dirty Down Under 4x4 members, as well as the general public, however people who have been removed from our group or left the group under bad terms are not permitted to attend. 

Join Cooloola 4x4 Club down at the barge for a Breaky for Boobs - Saturday 28th October 

Join Cooloola 4x4 Club down at the barge for a Breaky for Boobs - Saturday 28th October 

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Time to GET PINK! 

Buy pink stickers HERE online or  HERE ON FACEBOOK

Flags can be purchased on ebay or from DAVID a member contact him HERE

Theres also awesome prizes for our pink peep of the year competition. 

Theres also awesome prizes for our pink peep of the year competition.